Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Boy!

Well, it's official (OK, 95% official - the ultrasound tech said she never gives 100%s) we're having a boy! Mike was unable to come with me to my ultrasound appointment, so when I was finally able to tell him the news at his lunch break, he seemed genuinely surprised - he was absolutely convinced we were having a girl. Since about two weeks into my pregnancy, I have been convinced it was a boy, so of course I had to offer up a light-hearted "I told you so!"

Here's our little man!


Ben said...

Yay... my own nephew to spoil! Now... don't give him a weird name that will get his ass kicked.

Poodle said...

Seriously almost crying looking at ultrasound. Stupid motherhood making me all sentimental and crap. So excited for you guys!!! And, Ben, don't worry -- I loaned Annie 2 baby name books so HOPEFULLY they'll come up with something good :D

(also -- is the arrow supposed to be pointing at what I think it's supposed to be pointing at? lol!)

And, finally, the obligatory Sex and the City quote: "There is a teeny tiny penis inside you right now!"

Annie said...

LOL! Yes, that arrow is indeed pointing to... well, you know. My first of many opportunities to embarrass my child :)

OK, and the "teeny tiny penis" thing - I just about peed my pants!