Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prenatal Visit #5

Last Wednesday, I had my 5th prenatal visit. Mike was off work, so he came with me. Still nothing exciting, but my nurse did seem pretty pleased when she was charting my weight - that I was finally starting to put more on (never thought I'd have a medical professional be happy about that!). I've gained about 13 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. Of course weight gain is normal and healthy during pregnancy (and at my first prenatal visit they told me I could gain between 25-30 pounds - or something like that), but at 5'2" I don't really have anywhere for it all to go, so I have to be careful. I don't want it to be physically straining, and any more emotionally straining than it has to be, as I've always struggled with my weight.

Anywho... still no defined baby bump to speak of, but at least I found out at this doctor visit that the baby is up higher than I thought he was (so at least when people ask to rub my belly, I can rest assured that they actually are rubbing my "baby belly," not just my "holiday schmorgasboard belly").

In other baby news, we have also decided to hire a doula to help me make it through labor and delivery naturally - yep, no epidural, and hopefully no other drugs or unnecessary interventions. I'll write more soon about our decision and the path that led us there.

That's all for now, my fingers are cold. I think I need these fingerless gloves now!

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Poodle said...

1. You can do it without epidural -- YOU CAN!

2. Fingerless gloves = happiness. I love mine and the only reason I'm not wearing them right now is I have the heat on in our house today.