Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear AT&T...

... please stop sending me personal invitations to "try high-speed internet now available in [my] area for only $19.95 a month," as I am already a subscriber, and really, admit it, it's not all that "high-speed." Thank you.

Your long time telephone customer and fairly new subscriber to your Dish-Network, not-so-high-speed-internet, long-distance-phone-service, over-priced-bundle

PS: Are your high prices a direct result of your extraneous direct mail campaigns?


Ben said...

How about:
"Dear Comcast, please stop trying to cross-sell me anytime I call with a question? Your cable is overpriced, Dish is better, I don't use my home phone, and my wife gets our internet service paid for by work? Please note that in your files for future reference."

Armil@att high speed internet said...

hahaha They also sending me some mail about that one. Do they have any checker for the subscriber, so that they will know who are needed to be sent with that kind of mail.