Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prenatal Visit 12

Last Tuesday was my 12th visit to my doctor, and I finally feel like some progress has been made (well, besides the progress of my ever-swelling belly, of course!). I have been experiencing more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions over the past couple weeks, and have also experienced some lower abdominal cramping - both signs that my body is preparing itself for birth. So, upon learning this information, my nurse gave me the paper sheet, and told me to get into my birthday suit from the waist down. My doc came in shortly after, and said she would go ahead and check me (for those of you unfamiliar with pregnancy, "checking" involves an uncomfortable finger in a very private place). To my surprise, I was actually dilated to 1cm. My doctor said it didn't really mean much at that point, but heck, to me it was something! 1 down, 9 to go... my glass is always half full!

Our nursery is ready to go (and in my "first-time-mom delusions," I think I've got everything I need), so I haven't been feeding the nesting instinct too much over the past week. But on Thursday, I decided to come home, cook dinner, bake brownies... long story short, I did a little too much, spent too much time on my feet, and was paying for it with some pretty strong cramps. They amounted to nothing in the end, but I apparently didn't communicate that too well to Mike (and I'm sure a bout of nervous tears when we went to bed didn't help). I found out on Friday evening when he got home from work that he didn't sleep well because he thought Thursday night was going to be "the night."

I'm starting to think that Joey won't be quite as late as I first expected, although there really is no way to tell, and I probably just totally jinxed myself by saying that. My doc did say she doesn't want me go too far past 41 weeks. I think her words were, "If you haven't gone into labor by then, we'll probably induce you at 41-ish weeks." The thought of induction scares the crap out of me, so I'm sure she and I will discuss this further at visit 13 on Tuesday, especially if I haven't made any more progress.

I'm about to jinx myself again by saying this, but, to my surprise, I haven't been felt up in the grocery store (or anywhere, for that matter) by any belly-rubbing strangers, and have also managed to dodge any unsolicited advice from said strangers. Amazing. I was, however, told by a customer that I saw about two weeks ago, upon informing her that my baby is due this coming Wednesday, that I "look great" and she "didn't even know I was pregnant!" Hmm, I don't mind the first half of that compliment, but I'm not too sure about the second half. I guess I'll just err on the side of her best intentions with that statement, but only because I like her!

So, as it stands, it's time to hurry up and wait.

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Poodle said...

I am so excited I thought you might have Joey while we were in Bakersfield over the weekend. Can't wait for him to make his appearance!!!