Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prenatal Visit 13

Wow, nothing like the impending birth of a child to keep me on top of my blogging duties! Yesterday was what *might* be the last of my prenatal visits (although there is one more scheduled for next Tuesday). My doc checked me again, and I haven't made too much progress since last week. I'm still a solid 1cm dilated, working on 2. At the same time, she went ahead and stripped my membranes, a rather uncomfortable way to possibly jump start labor (and, besides some strong cramping last night, no such luck so far).

If I haven't delivered by next week, my doc would like to induce labor on April 2nd (much to my dismay, as it is my hope to avoid induction). I guess the silver lining though is that one way or another, we'll finally get to meet our little man by the end of next week.

Anyway, I have officially reached my due date, and no, the baby is not here yet!


Ben said...

oh eff... dude, that is some of the most graphic shit i have ever read. i think i'm going to be sick.

Poodle said...

Sending labor vibes your way so no induction ... my midwife told me the same thing. If I hadn't gone into labor by Thursday, they were going to schedule an induction for the following Monday ... I went into labor Sunday and had Phoebe Tuesday ... and when I went in for my one-week post-birth checkup, the girls at the front desk were like "ohhhh so that's why you missed Thursday's appointment" hehehe

Annie said...

Well Ben, if I were in your shoes, I'd get used to hearing stuff like that! Believe me, that's not even the worst of things to come.

Thanks for the labor vibes, Meghan!

Ben said...

I'm ignoring a lot of the things that I hear... I know what goes in, and what comes out as a result, and as long as the end-product is healthy, that's all I care about. Fine. I'm insensitive. I'm well aware. I saw "The Miracle of Life" in freshman year health class, and those images still scar me.

Jenn/Momma said...

I just read on Ben's blog (sorry I'm a lurker) that you had your baby - yay!!!!!! Congratulations and can't wait to hear all the details and see pictures of the little guy.