Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Months

Dear Joseph,

Yesterday, you turned two months old. I honestly can't believe you are two months old already. It seems like it has gone by so quickly, but it also seems like you've been here - part of our lives - for much longer than that. We took you to the doctor for your two-month checkup, and Dr. M said you are perfect (he's said it before, and since I am your mom, I like to repeat it over and over). You are 23.5" long and 13lbs, 1oz. Quite a big boy! We asked the doctor about your gas problems, since it seems that there's nothing I can eat that doesn't give you painful gas. (Your toots aren't always as funny as they used to be because they are usually accompanied by a high-pitched scream and loud grunts.) He pretty much said we should get over it. There's not much we can do about it, and trying to change everything we do would take all the fun out of this whole experience. Well, he put it much better than that, but that was the basic gist of it. He made me feel a lot better about continuing to breast feed you even if it can be difficult at times.

You also received your first round of vaccinations yesterday, and you did amazingly well. You didn't even feel the first needle, and even after the fifth shot (yes, you got 5 shots in one day!) you cried for just a few seconds and quieted right down. You slept for most of the day afterward, and even slept for just over 5 hours in one stretch last night.

You have developed quite a personality over this last month. You still like to ride in the car (you still fall asleep most of the time) but you have decided that you do not like being strapped into your car seat - or strapped to anything for that matter, even your beloved bouncy seat. You smile so much now, and you gurgle and coo when you see your dad or I. Your grandpa gets a kick out of making you smile big when you come to work with me. Even when you wake me up a few times during the night, or refuse to go back to sleep at 2:30 in the morning, seeing your smile when I come to get you out of your crib - when it actually is time to get up - kind of makes me forget about the sleep I've been loosing. Kind of.

You still enjoy watching the ceiling fan, and you get upset sometimes if it is not on. You have also discovered the TV - this is both good and bad. Right now, you are watching Dave Matthews Live from Piedmont Park, and although I should turn the TV off, I will let it slide this time. (Mom loves Dave Matthews, by the way, so if you ever need a gift idea... What? I'm just sayin'!) You have begun to take more notice of your own hands, and you bat at things. I can tell you are just a little bit away from reaching out and grabbing the things you see around you. You have a bunch of soft, sweet little blankets, but your favorite comfort items are a burp cloth - any burp cloth - and your froggy and puppy WubbaNub pacifiers. Meghan introduced us to these, and they are awesome because you can hold onto your pacifier and sometimes even put it back in your own mouth if it falls out.

Your new favorite place to hang out is your Boppy pillow that Judy from across the street bought for you. She and her husband, Larry, just love you! They come running across the street whenever we walk out the door or arrive home with you. Speaking of hanging out, one of your biggest changes is that you like to hang out "alone" and you entertain yourself. This is a big help to mom when she is trying to get ready to go to work or to the store, cook dinner, or even just brush her teeth!

A couple of weeks ago, dad and I went on our first date alone since you arrived. Your grandma Karla came over and sat with you. You were a little fussy after we left, but grandma said you did great. She did great, too. She loves to read to you and tell you stories. Hopefully she won't tell you too many stories that cause you to say someday, "But why?? Grandma said when you were a kid..." I knew you would be fine with grandma, afterall, I turned out OK, but I was still anxious to get home to you. I don't want to miss anything!

You are turning into an amazing little person, and everyone keeps telling me I should enjoy the next month or so, because after that you won't be a baby anymore. I beg to differ though, you will always be my baby no matter how old you get.


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