Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writer's Block

I haven't been posting nearly as much as I'd like lately. My initial intention was to write about our married life - I mean, that's what this blog is called, right? Duh. OK, so things happened - all part of our married life, so they're fitting, I guess. I just feel like the last 4.5 months have been so wrapped up in all things baby, that I forget about all the other things that are going on. Like the awesome night Mike and I had at The Black Cat for his birthday. We took our time. We lingered at the bar before out table was ready, ate multiple courses, had that extra glass of wine - Mike even drank a martini! It was his birthday, after all. I guess that having time to myself these days is such a rarity that I don't know what to do next when it happens. I mean, I get a new magazine in the mail and think, really, it's been a month already? I've barely cracked the spine on last month's issue. (Thank goodness Real Simple comes with a bookmark, 'cuz you know, someday I'll make it through that whole pile of unfinished reading, right?) 

Tonight, Mike is working, and the baby went down at 7:15. I actually found myself thinking, should I do this, or that, or take a shower... or can a shower wait until morning? As you can see, so far I've chosen this or that and not the shower. My house is a mess. My laundry is sitting in front of me here on the table. I have work to do. But a glass of wine and watching Janis Joplin and Neil Young on vh1 classic got top billing tonight. 

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Jenn/Momma said...

Love the new header!

And good for you - the laundry will be there tomorrow. Enjoy some TV and take a break whenever you have the time....when they get older and they're able to voice their opinions, well...a lot less VH1 classic and a lot more Blue's Clues will be on the tube.