Friday, February 13, 2009

Prenatal Visits 7 & 8

I just realized that it's been almost a month since I've posted, talk about delinquent blogger, yikes! Anywho, there have been some major developments on the home front, more specifically, my belly over the last few weeks. There's no doubt there's a baby in there now! My prenatal visits are now spaced every other week, and things are still moving along smoothly. My doctor noted that my blood pressure was a little bit high at visit #8, so we'll be keeping an eye on that. Beginning the first week of March, I'll be seeing my doc once a week.

Baby Joey is as active as ever - save for a couple of days over the past few weeks that he has decided to just chill for most of the day (and totally freak me out in the process!). He is still pressing up on my liver or my ribs, and it doesn't make for the most comfortable of days. Mike has been great giving me little back rubs on my right side when we go to bed at night so I can at least fall asleep nice and relaxed and without as much pain. Sleeping through the night, however, is getting more and more difficult. Between achy hips, a heavy belly and up to 3 pee trips (so far) every night, I think a full night's sleep is officially going to be at least 6 months away (and I'm being incredibly optimistic with that prediction!)

Vivid dreams continue, and sometimes I find myself thinking about a dream in the middle of the day wondering "did that actually happen, or was it a dream??" Visits from the crap fairy have ended for the most part, but heartburn has been more than happy to step in as a replacement.

I am definitely looking forward to my due date, and find myself spending even more time wondering just what our little man will be like - his personality, how he will look - I feel like I'm preparing for the biggest, most important blind date of my life! There won't be chocolates or flowers at this one, but a much better gift... and hopefully a big icy margarita waiting for me when I get home!

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