Friday, January 16, 2009

One Year Ago

Mike and I were sitting on the couch last night, and as I looked around our house, I realized that a year ago, we had just begun our massive home remodel. It was a tiring process, and although we still have some little things to finish a year later, the transformation of our home is nothing short of amazing... well, at least in our opinions! Here are a few before shots and some afters taken right after we moved back in last June:

Our little beach bungalow: (before)

Our little beach bungalow:

Our kitchen view from the living room: (before)
Our kitchen view from the living room: (after)
I think my favorite part of our house is that there are touches of both Mike and I all over - he picked out the cabinets and slate flooring in the kitchen, I chose the paint colors and tile for the bathrooms, and we made countless other decisions (and compromises) together. And, best of all, we lived to tell about it!


Poodle said...

I remember the "final" pic from the remodel blog and my mouth is watering thinkin' about sauce.

Mike picked out awesome cabinets and slate so I'm not sure that counts as compromise hehe

And moved in June, hmm? I think I know what you did to celebrate. ;)

Annie said...

LOL! If I remember correctly, it involved lots of champagne :)

Ben said...

eew... seriously... don't need to be reading about this... your kid is going to be so traumatized if he ever reads this...

e said...

Would you believe that we are just about to buy a house, and on the back of all those MLS sheets they give you when you are looking we sketch out how it could look....