Sunday, November 9, 2008

Behind Closed Doors

This was so exciting, I had to copy this post over from our remodel blog:

Our interior doors were finally painted last Monday, and Gregg did a fantastic job. As if that wasn't exciting enough, yesterday when I was having my oil changed, Mike installed our interior doorknobs. It's the first time we have slept with our bedroom door completely closed since we moved back in! Awesome.


Poodle said...

1. You said "knob". hee hee

2. You think Gregg would paint a certain someone's nursery? I mean, in exchange for baked goods?

Just askin' ...

Annie said...

LOL! OK, after Mike finished installing said knobs, he sent me a pix message with two doors that said, "huh huh knobs."

I'm not sure about the exchange for baked goods, however, his price for our place was incredibly reasonable!

Poodle said...

You said "knob" again! LOL!! haha