Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go ahead, kick me again!

The past couple weeks, the baby has been pretty active - fluttering around, and thumping on my bladder every now and then - but this morning, at about 5:00, we both got to feel him move... from the outside! We were dog sitting for Ruby last night, and the poor little thing has recently been diagnosed with both a bladder infection and bladder stones, so she decided at about 4:30 that she needed to go outside. Mike (because he is the most awesome husband ever) got up with her and took her outside. Naturally, I was awake, too, and as I lay on my side with my hand on my belly, I felt our little guy push against my hand. I couldn't believe it, so I waited a little bit, and there he was again!

Mike stayed up for a little while and watched some TV because he was having trouble sleeping, and I hoped that when he came back to bed, the baby would still be moving around. Sure enough, when he came back, I rolled onto my back and he started kicking again. I grabbed Mike's hand and placed it on my belly. When he kicked again, I anxiously asked Mike, "Did you feel that??" and he replied with, "Hah - yea!" I couldn't see it, but just by the sound of his voice, I'm pretty sure there was a smile on his face. Even though I've been feeling the kicks for a while, it was incredible to feel them from the outside and have Mike feel them, too.

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the things I thought about was how weird or creepy it would be to feel a little person moving around inside you, especially to feel and see him from the outside. I can now say it's not weird at all. It is absolutely amazing.


Ben said...

It only gets creepy when you're ready to burst... then you'll see the entire bulge move from one side to the other. One of my colleagues showed me that when it happened and I nearly puked.

Glad the little guy's moving around!!! Maybe he's got ADD like his uncle.

Poodle said...

How awesome! Ben is right -- at some point you may be able to see little knees/elbows/heels pushing up against your belly -- I used to grab onto what I think was Phoebe's knees when she'd do this.

Geoff bought this massager (yes, massager) from Bed Bath and Beyond (it has 3 little "balls" and each one lights up) I used to hold it to my belly when I knew Phoebe was active and sometimes she'd get "scared" like move away from it, but sometimes she'd follow it. THAT was fun.

How exciting. I can't believe you are so far along already. Time is FLYING by!!! (for me anyway hehe)

katie disimone said...

Sometime when I get a muscle twitch it feels like a baby's movements, and it brings me right back to that awesome time. I close my eyes and special.