Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30 Weeks

Ten weeks to go. Wow. I'm starting to get to that part of pregnancy where part of me says, "Can't I just have this baby already?!" and the other part says, "I'm going to have this baby already?!" I've gained about 20 pounds, and to my surprise, some of my girlfriends that were in town this past weekend actually think I've lost weight. Whether they're just trying to make me feel good or whatever, I don't care, I'll take that compliment any time!

The little man has been moving constantly and, to my discomfort, kicking up a storm. The past two days, he was kicking me so hard, I thought I would need to call my doctor. He really enjoys kicking me on my right side, never on the left. He actually kicked me so hard a couple of times last night, that my boob bounced. Yes, you read that right, my boob actually bounced off of my baby belly. This cannot be normal.

Mike and I will be attending our second childbirth education class tonight (I didn't have a chance to write about it last week, but let's just say classes like this would be a good place to start weeding people out of the gene pool - Meghan aptly compared the crowd at childbirth class to the crowd at the DMV on any given day). Last week's class was pretty uneventful, so perhaps after tonight's session, I'll have more to report back.

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Tammy Warta said...

It goes by so super fast! Enjoy it!