Thursday, January 1, 2009

Being Pregnant Vol. 3.1

I can't believe I forgot...

11. Heartburn
This one is relatively new. I think I have linked it to drinking carbonated beverages, which sucks because diet 7up has been my go-to beverage of choice for a while. It has gotten better in the past few days, but bending over, or laying down caused quite a bit of discomfort for a while there.

12. Back Pain
Aggravated when the baby decides he'd like to plant a foot or other appendage right into the bottom of my ribs. Ouch. Yoga has definitely helped with this one.

13. Everyday Activities
Thankfully, I can still shave my legs, however, I'm pretty sure my bikini line has seen better days. Cleaning and vacuuming the house can leave me feeling like I've just run a marathon (OK, that's a little dramatic, but I'm sure you get the point). Putting on shoes is difficult, and if I don't properly position my belly between my knees (which is getting harder and harder) when I'm pulling them on, I end up panting by the time I am finished.

OK, I think that covers it... maybe.

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