Thursday, January 1, 2009

Being Pregnant Vol. 3

I have officially entered my third trimester, so I figured it was time for a major pregnancy update. Again, here's the usual list:

1. Morning Sickness
Still a thing of the past, thank God!

2. Fatigue
It's taken me quite a while, but I'm finally comfortable sleeping on my side (this is actually a new development that I've settled into within the past week or so) so at least lack of sleep hasn't been contributing to my fatigue too much anymore.

3 & 4. Cravings and Aversions
Still nothing weird, per se. Cravings for processed cheese have subsided a bit, but I have been craving things like Diet Dr. Pepper, popsicles, carbs, and generally things that are not good for me. My aversions have pretty much subsided, although my heightened sense of smell is not always a blessing.

5. Pregnancy-Induced Stupidity/Forgetfulness
Yep. Still got it.

6. Boobs
Still haven't really gotten bigger since the first trimester jump. Newest development on that front, however, has been this.

7. Sex (Ben, or any family for that matter, again, feel free to skip this section.)
Eh, well, let's just say it's getting more difficult, and less frequent, the bigger the belly gets.

8. Sleep
Getting much better, especially over the past week. I'm not sure if it's because I'm finally getting used to sleeping on my side (despite that tingly thing that's still happening with my left hip) or if it's because I've been off of work for the past week.

9. Child-Bearing Hips
The pain in my hips is all but gone, except on my left side if I try to lay on it. It's not so much an ice-pick sort of pain anymore as it is a numbing, annoying, tingling sensation. I've finally figured out that I can get around it by putting a body pillow behind me and leaning back slightly.

10. Mood Swings
I haven't fallen completely off my rocker yet, but there are moments every now and then that I just feel like I'm going to cry for no reason at all. I let out a few tears, and everything is fine. Hormones.

More answers to frequently asked questions:
I'm still feeling pretty good, the baby is doing somersaults (and lucky me he really enjoys doing them in the middle of the night), we're having a boy, we have chosen a name - Joseph Michael, and I'm finally looking pregnant - my baby bump has probably doubled in size over the last two weeks or so.

We've got about three months to go before we leave our house as a duo, and return as a trio. I find myself looking around our grown-up house, wondering how it is going to change over the next few months and years - mostly first-world problems, like what to do with over 300 DVDs when you have a toddler, where I will put our wine collection when he discovers he can open cabinet doors, how to keep him from slamming his little hands in heavy pocket doors... And I think about how we will eventually outgrow our home, especially if we decide to have a second child. I try to figure out ways we can stay here forever, but I know it's a futile exercise in wishful thinking. Eventually, we will have to turn our little beach bungalow into a rental, and pack up to move to a larger family home - and I have a feeling that having a child will only make that time fly by even faster.

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